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 Drugcomputer - "Catalepsy Documents"

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Drugcomputer - "Catalepsy Documents"

Drugcomputer - "Catalepsy Documents" Cover1

Cat.# ... DNA 65
Release Date ... 20.10.2009
Genre ... Abstract, Noise, Ambient
Type ... FLAC Lossless / mp3 CBR 320 kbps
Size ... 160Mb / 70Mb

"...24-bit coconuts and 32-bit pineapples. A new knowledge recognition is discrete. New one or nothing. The zero or the one.
Neuron/axon entity raised in metal box. Views modelling with sounds of images. But all the same, organic envelope with some speaking/thinking device is just an cyberorganic attachment to computer..."
In this abstract noise/ambient album Russian noise project Drugcomputer explores how they see the progressive process of society cybernation, how human individuals depend on it and which consequences are behind this process.
Uncommon for russian digital noise sound rarefaction and smoothness as well as balance and absolute inhumanity in concept distinguish this work.

Artworks for the release are made by Vitaly Maklakov.




Analogue computer is a forefather of digital one but it is faster and much more powerful.
Just arrange heuristically a program which will use specific resources, unrecognized perception devices like a Cele-visor.
Then recognize and initialize devices: firstly device itself and then install and start additional software for the device. Thereafter you could get opportunity to see advanced Cele-thinking with considerably lesser probability of calculation errors.

Drugcomputer - "Catalepsy Documents" Drugcomputer-image
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Drugcomputer - "Catalepsy Documents"
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